The RC car industry in today’s world is a multi-billion dollar industry providing a never-ending innovation to all its customers. The RC companies in recent years have fanned out its wings and along with the cars they have started to make drones, boats and many other products. Despite people loving RC cars not a lot know about the companies which rank on top and make them happy by providing them cars with the best quality. Thus below is the list of the top companies in the RC racing industry. If you want to get more into the details, search for reviews in Product145, where you can get all the information that you need.



1) Traxxas

Traxxas undoubtedly has the number one spot on this list as it is the best and most preferred company when it comes to RC cars. Their stunning stock cars and monster trucks are their top sellers and along with them Traxxas also makes high-end drones and RC boats. The prices of their RC products start as low as $150 and even at a price as less as $350 you can get extremely fast cars which are bound to get you excited. A few of their cars can easily go up to 60 MPH without any additional modification. The company has withstood for more than 30 years and does not plan on stopping of slowing down anytime soon.

2) Team Associated

Team associated came into existence in 1965 and now the company stands alongside Traxxas as a competitor. The company focuses mainly on producing cars of the competitive quality and now they have grown so huge that they now ship out thousands of RC vehicles every year. One aspect of this RC company is that their cars are designed for both on the road and off-road racing which makes it exciting for ht buyers.

3) HPI Racing

Just like Traxxas, this company has also been there in the RC manufacturing industry for over 30 years, but one factor makes them different from Traxxas which is that HPI racing focuses on producing ready to race cars right out of its box. Their battery-powered cars are the fastest and the type of customer services provided by them make them merely exceptional.

4) Losi

Losi is the only company on this list which makes RC cars which can easily fit on your palm. They are owned by Horizon Hobby and concentrate only on the micro aspects of the RC racing worlds. Their cars might seem small, but they also pack quite a lot of punch within them. The cars are reasonably priced thus making them pocket-friendly.

5) Redcat Racing

Redcat racing when compared to other companies on this list, is relatively new put has undoubtedly made a mark on the RC racing world. Along with RC cars they also make exceptional drones of the top quality. The company is split into three sectors being team Redcat which provides high-end cars, Redcat racing which handles mid levels enters and Danchee which concentrates on toys grade cars.

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