Auto racing is also commonly known as car racing or automobile racing. This is a very common form of entertainment around the world. The sheer happiness of seeing a car go faster than anything else to win the cup is thrilling to the viewers in many different ways.

                     Auto racing has existed since 1867. Many people differentiate these races based on the types of car that are used or the terrain where the races take place and know very little about the actual difference. Thus here we created a list of various types of races that’ll give you a little more knowledge about the world of automobile racing –

         1)  Open Wheel Racing –

                               There are two types of open-wheel racing one being the Formula One and the other one being the IndyCar series. The Formula one is based in Europe and only conducts street circuit and race track races. The cars in these races are purely based on high-end technology and aerodynamics. Few of the famous open-wheel races around the world are Morocco Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, and the Italian Grand Prix. Only in Europe and Asia the open-wheeled racing are referred to as Formula. In The United States of America, the most famous automobile race is the “National Championship” commonly known as the IndyCar Series. The cars in the IndyCar series have restrictions towards the use of technology as to conserve the expenditure of money.

                 2)  Touring Car Racing –

                             This form of racing is wholly based using Production derived race cars. As the cars are production based thus the speed of each car is almost the same as others. This form of race usually brings close contact between cars due to the more number of car on the track and very little speed difference between them. The most popular forms of Touring Car racing are the ”Supercar championship” in Australia, The Deutsche Tourenwagen Master, and the World Touring Car Championship.

 3)  Stock Car Racing –

                             Stock car races are usually conducted on oval based tracks and are very prominent in North America. This form of racing has very strict car specifications and is governed by NASCAR. NASCAR also governs various small series such as Whelen Modified Tour. In these races despite the cars displaying the cars manufacturing and company logo, they still use components of different other companies to enhance the speed and various other factors of the car. In the UK this form of race is called “ Small circuit racing.” Oval Racing Council and The British Stock Car Association located in the UK are the governing body for these races.


   4)  Rallying –

                             This form of racing is usually conducted over various stages on many terrains. Rallying is generally conducted on closed-off public roads or off-road. Rally races involve a co-passenger in the car next to the driver who constantly updates the driver about various things using an intercom in the helmet.  The famous form of rallying races are Monte Carlo Racing, Rally Argentina, Rally Gb, and Rally Finland.

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