Fleet insurance is the type of insurance which is specifically designed for businesses with multiple vehicles where one insurance can take care of all the available vehicles. If you are looking at fleet insurance, there are three main types of insurances to choose from comprehensive, third-party and fire and theft and third party only. You will get to choose from a wide range of policies which depends on the driver to choose from.

Advantages of fleet insurance

Fleet insurance is taken when there are two or more vehicles, which make managing and keeping track of every insurance difficult. This why fleet insurance comes in handy as you can ensure every vehicle you use for business purposes is set under one fleet insurance.

This means that the fleet insurance could have one license which is valid to other drivers as well. Now that you have fleet insurance sorted out, all you have to do is drive the vehicle.

There are three different covers of fleet insurance

There are various types of fleet insurance to choose from but the most common and business friendly policies includes:

Comprehensive cover which will give the most protection to the vehicle, where the damage covering will be given to the third party. The middle level of cover is

Third-party, fire and theft cover which covers all the vehicles and property against any kind of damages while covering any damage caused by theft.

The third-party only cover offers no protection for your vehicle but will cover claims made against you for the damages. There are many restrictions when it comes to choosing the right setting policy.

How to reduce the cost of fleet insurance?

There is a number of ways you can cut cost on fleet insurance, one to set a limit to the age where people can drive. Taking young drivers out of equation and setting the age limit to 23 will help with the price. Also, you can make sure that all vehicle are insured and have good security.

What are the things that fleet insurance can cover

There are many things that fleet insurance can cover, and some of them include three or more vehicle of any kind like cars, bikes, motorbikes. Fleet insurance manages any damages caused by the driver or any other which may include the car, the driver and the passenger. If the driver in injured in the process, the insurance will damage control by providing funds to aid in the treatment and the recovery. In case of death of the driver, the third part will get all of the funds as damage control.


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